Monday, December 10, 2012

HERO is spelled Laurie McMillan Hammond and The Lindsay Foundation...

Many months ago we were in search of much needed help paying for Noah's alternative therapies.  Financially we struggle to provide for all of Noah's out of pocket costs that Medicaid will not cover.  Somehow I was led to find a foundation called The Linsday Foundation.  I didn't expect help would be out there, but Laurie McMillan Hammond, the founder of The Lindsay Foundation quickly responded and help was on its way.  We were able to afford Noah's Feldenkrais therapy.  A prayer had been answered.  Several months later another crisis hit our home and we were denied insurance help with a wheelchair for Noah.  I entered a contest to win him one, but in the end Noah didn't win.  The Lindsay Foundation came to our rescue and put together a special fundraiser for Noah and paid the difference to get him a Convaid Cuddlebug wheelchair and a Special Tomato Chair so that he could eat at the table with his family.

Laurie changes lives each and every day.  I don't know what we would have done without help from The Lindsay Foundation.  They lifted us up in one of the most difficult and trying times along this journey.  They were the angels that came to our rescue and allowed Noah to participate in this world and view it so much better in a wheelchair that accommodated his needs.  Through her tremendous loss of her daughter Lindsay, she has given time after time of her heart to help other special needs children.  She is the most giving and loving person.  She connects to families and becomes forever friends in your life.  She remembers each and every child she has ever helped and loves keeping in touch with their journey, progress and accomplishments. 

There will never be enough ways to tell her thank you for all she's done.  But she will forever and always be Noah's hero.

Noah's Miracle:
Pictures attached of Noah in his Lindsay Foundation shirt and Laurie with a picture of her daughter Lindsay
Laurie McMillan Hammond

This nomination was made by MOM Stacy Warden

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  1. Thanks to Stacy Warden for the nomination and to Mommies of Miracles for this recognition. I love the Foundation and what we have been able to do. I love these children and what they mean to every person that comes into contact with them. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you for continues prayers that we will be able to continue on for a long time.